Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hold our heads high and face the horde!

We shall walk forward with new direction and full hearts, no more bowing and scraping. We must stand against those who will enslave us. We shall be united with all those who want to be free, free of the propaganda that the media pollute our minds with, free of the materialistic decease that binds our Nations people to the arm chair and blinds them to the sad reality of their demise. 

Now we have the information, we have the tools to awaken New Zealander's and bring them back to remember that they are from warrior cultures and have the right to live free, to fight for something of importance and to be known as men and women of honour, dignity and hope. New Zealand people must be ready to stand against the might of the enemy. The enemy are many, but they lack conviction, they lack a will, for all those who chose wrong must one day face justice!

In many times in the past our people have fought overwhelming odds and they prevailed. They are our example, they have shown us the way. They have shown us greatness. Now we must follow and do as they did. Our ancient people fought off the Huns, the Turks, Muslims, Mongols and conquered the world to bring a greater way of life to all. That way of life has been hijacked, mutated, corrupted, our generosity and compassion has been used against us. Our love of industry and production has been used to dominate and control us.

We can be a great nation and we can be the masters of our own destiny. Join us now and be great, be the people legends are made of!