Saturday, April 20, 2013

Introducing our Immigration Policies

Immigration Policy

The current immigration system allows people who are surplus to requirements come into our country, while we already have employment shortages and a declining economy and standard of life. The last thing we need are more people to depend on our struggling and fragile financial situation. Our country is not ready to handle a larger population. We are not able to support refugees, even though it is a generous thing to do. We would rather we take people from refugee situations that are able to be trained and returned to help rebuild their countries along with an international peace keeping force to ensure their safety  To strengthen such countries then allow them to build a functional country and remove the third world backward state that many of these countries are in. Surely that is what International policies should be about. The UN shows it is not in service of these nations when they seem motivated to remove all the best people from them and bring them to already industrial nations who already have the people who can maintain our civilization. 

We see that Globalization is a tool to use peoples disadvantage as a way to use them to carry the world economic disaster around the world and to enslave us all to serve a few people getting rich. Nationalism protects Nations from such plans and treachery from our greedy public servants and their masters in the government and the Global companies and banks.

1, Total revamp of the immigration system, so only those who our country needs enter here for permanent residency.
  • We do not doubt that we require people for their skills in areas we may not be so advanced in. However we see the mass immigration that the current governments use to overwhelm us while bankrupting us at the same time is a great mistake.  
  • We must be sensible about immigration. We are not anti training people from other countries, we are not anti tourism (as long as its carefully managed), we are not anti immigration, we just want to know they will fit in with us and work along side us. So we feel that immigration should first be offered to westernized countries and primarily from British colonies and our other allies. Anyone from an alien culture such as those from the savage parts of Africa, Asian dictatorships and any country who has shown a hatred or disrespect for our Nation and our way of life, such as Middle eastern countries must be stoped.

2. Voluntary repatriation for anyone who doesn't want to or finds it too hard to assimilate into our country.

  • We see this every day, people who can't speak our language, learn our driving laws, and congregate into their own areas to avoid working in with our communities. Many of them have a grudge against us and are unwilling to compromise.
  • There should not be law changes and a move to break down our system and traditions to suit those who can not fit in. They have a culture and we respect that. Its just time for them to go back to their country and help keep their culture alive there.

3, Expel all immigrants who have committed crime here.

  • This shouldn't even need to be said, but the current government seems to miss the point about us putting money and resources into people who come here and harm our people and disobey our laws and way of life. It costs a lot of money to keep people in prison, money we could spend making our country better. 
  • We propose that its time to deport and black list anyone born in another country who has committed any violent offences. 
  • If they break the level of law such as assaults, domestic disputes that don't result in death or sexual abuse they should be deported.
  • Those who have done in the past would be reviewed and deported in such cases that are deemed necessary.
  • Any Immigrant that kills or sexually abuses children, or is a serial rapists will face the death penalty just as anyone else in our country will.