Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mayor Elections Candidates- Kyle Chapman

We are preparing our Candidates list for this years local elections.
The first is:

Kyle Chapman
Father, Grandfather, and Husband. Life has been a struggle for him, he has compassion for the hardship many New Zealanders go through. He knows what its like to have a few hard days every week when the food is running out and the money isn't enough to pay bills and groceries. "Its time we take care of the people here before sending billions of dollars off sure". He is concerned about the attitude and way of thinking among the Elites in the Government, "How can our government give themselves pay rises when the quality of life for everyone else is going down in flames".

Politics are something Kyle struggled with and saw it as a waste of time for years, but he realized that someone must do something and we have to bring hope back to the people, get people voting and bring the power out of the hands of a few well bread people. He has been involved in Nationalist politics for more then 15 years. He has become a house hold name to do with Nationalist activities. Former leader of New Zealand National Front, were he formed the party into a national organisation with functioning active branches in all New Zealand cities. During his time in the NZNF he stood for mayor and ranked 5ft out of the 10 candidates. He run in the following election under another conservative nationalist label "National Democrats".

Kyle has been in leadership roles since a late teen and has learnt how to work with people and bring them together and find the people needed to structure and organize into functional groups.
He has been a key activist in issues such as protecting New Zealands Flag, standing up for Europeans rights, fighting the political correct hypocrisy that has been smothering our country. 
As a Key member of The Resistance Party he bring a stable figure who has stuck it out and says he knows things are turning in our favor and "as more of the darkness is being brought into the light we get to see how the government and the insurance companies only care about money and have put the well being of the Christchurch people in the back burner"

In the past Kyle has done social work and sociology training,  he sat on the safer community council as the Youth worker representative and has years of community service with low income people and those struggling with addictions and living in poverty..

Kyle's Vision for New Zealand is to have a fare country, he believes in binding referendum  a more fare tax system (1% transaction tax), and he wants New Zealanders  to have a better quality of life. He is old enough to remember when things were much better and he is scared people will forget and they will sit back and accept the bad management and the selfish tactics of many politicians.

Kyle brings hope to our community, our city and our country. He asks that those who have given up on Voting come out and vote for The Resistance Party. "We are the vote that counts, they fear us, they worry every time we gain more member's and more votes. That makes our vote count! Every Vote for TRP is another poke at the system, and it is another effective tool to force change "

If you would like to know more about Kyle contact him, he is a good guy who likes to discuss things and to work out the solutions with other open minded people.