Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Other Policies

Stronger penalties for paedophiles, child killers and repeat offenders.

Economics and Government
Stop Asset sales, and take back those that have been sold.

Create a 1% transaction tax, lower wage tax and remove GST (General Service Tax).

Create a fairer system for the distribution and pricing of food and essential care products. Currently export products are sold much cheaper than what we buy, often leaving New Zealanders with the unsellable excess, and the’ seconds’ of our own production. Create an internal New Zealand commodity price structure that is not tied to global commodity pricing.

Reform our public service to remove the many superfluous over-paid bureaucrats and CEOs.

Protect our national Identity with community projects, education, and all the positive things we need to keep living a good kiwi lifestyle.

Form community security patrols on foot for high risk areas.