Friday, April 12, 2013

Points to consider

How many of their people does China consider to be a population size worth sending in the troops to protect? 

How many assets do they need to own in NZ before they think are worth protecting with Military force? 

Why do they build a bigger Navy with so many aircraft carriers? 

Why do they build up a large force of Marine style soldiers? 

Why is NZ part of their defense plan? 

Did you know New Zealand and Australia are part of the Asian economic zone? This means internationally it wont matter if we are owned by an Asian super power as long as we are producing cheaper goods for the global market...

China does not respect religion or cultural difference in their own country. They move people around their country to displace them and to disrupt other cultural areas. If a people resist, they are butchered like in Tibet! How can our country condone such behavior with free trade deals and state visits?