Friday, April 19, 2013

Short policies draft

The Resistance Party
To preserve New Zealand sovereignty and maintain our heritage and history TRP will stand up for Western traditions, morals and values. We will not kow-tow to foreign pressure, government intimidation, or guilt-based media propaganda We must preserve our nation from mass immigration, over population, and the destruction of our way of life.

Policies short version:
Remove New Zealand from international organisations that dictate how we should run our country.

Stop China's domination of New Zealand.

Create a better tax system that is not so demanding on the workers.

Make better wage and standard of life for workers.
Lower food and power prices.

Make use of New Zealands resources in a responsible way.

Take care of New Zealands assets, firstly by keeping them.

Radical Government change to reduce the cost of over paid bureaucrats and CEOs.

Create a better defence system.

Cancel trade deals that destroy New Zealands manufacturing industry.

Address crime at a community level while dealing harsher with serious offending, bring in the death penalty for peadaphiles and child killers.

Address poverty in New Zealand with a community focus and make health care more available.

Deal with the decreasing moral fiber of our country and restore traditional values.

We would maintain our unique national identity.

For more details on policies please view the website.www.resistancenz.blogspot.com