Wednesday, April 17, 2013

TRP Foreign policy:

Foreign policy:
Stop all ties with China, and all their plans to take control of New Zealand

Rebuild our relations with Pacific nations, helping them to build stronger infrastructure, industry, and education, with a view to constructing a bulwark against China’s ambitions in the region.    Building our alliances with the Pacific nations will allow their people to have a better quality of life within their own homelands, maintain their heritage, and reduce the need for them to be uprooted to New Zealand for work.

Remove New Zealand from foreign control and interference including withdrawal from such globalist institutions as the United Nations Organisation, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, APEC, etc.  Forge new alliances with true allies in this region with a particular focus on building an ANZAC Bloc that will not be answerable to the USA.

Stop all free trade deals which undermine New Zealand’s manufacturing infrastructure by placing New Zealand working in competition with Third World and Chinese collie labour, and ensure a permanent pool of unemployed.  Create Bi-lateral trade agreement based on barter with states that have complementary economies.

Resist international banks and their economic control. Restore the Reserve Bank to its proper function, as a state bank issuing state credit at low interest, as it did during the 1930s, without obligations to the international banks, which have enslaved us to debt, and obliged us to sell our assets.