Monday, October 14, 2013

Local Elections report

Greetings to our people
First I would like to thank those who helped with this campaign with donations and time. 
We are really up against the media and the systems desire to do tactical engineered methods that push voters toward candidates the media want them to.

Even mainstream candidates got around the same level of votes as me because the media blacked them out. 

Mayor Campaign, I got 499 votes to the last count I saw. I was 8th out of 12. only the two candidates that the media focused on got the big numbers, everyone else was close to the same as I got, with around 100 or under.

We did get some cover, but even that was tactical, as it was things that didn't get us into the homes of Christchurch voters.

One program of note was "the Nation" who did a slow about the non mainstream candidates including myself, I felt it came across ok.

There were some National radio slots also. But the local media virtually blacked me out.

In community board, I got 641 votes. In this case I do think we could have been more active during the election process in the area. The next local elections we will do a concentrated effort to be proactive in the local community including some well planned protests at hot issue locations.

An issue that was brought home again this time was the lack of our own people being registered to vote. During the next three years we must work on getting as many of our own family and friends signed up to vote. We must also get some other people to run in other areas. This is a protest situation, that is more effective if more of us do it. And maybe sometime we will get someone in...


When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty!